In order to cater to the challenges of the emerging technical society and to provide a new dimension to the human life, the need of the Comp.Engineering Department is well recognized. The department emphasized on interactive teaching, research and thoughts. In the institute the department is well equipped with a numerous amount of computers with all sorts of softwares.

Computer Engg. study scheme 2018 Batch

    1. 3rd_sem Lesson plan
    2. 5th Sem Lesson Plan

E-Contents For Computer Engg.


    1. RDBMS@
    2. PIC
    3. MA
    4. Networking
    5. SE
    6. DE
    7. DC
    8. OS
    9. computer Network
    10. Python Programming
    11. Cloud Computing
    12. FEEE
    13. CFIT
    14. SLA management
    15. PHP_Digital_Content
    16. D.C
    17. multimedia
    18. operating system
    19. Digital Electronics