Faculty in Computer Engg. Deptt.

1 Sh. Rajesh Yadav Sr.Lecturer Computer Engg.
2 Sh. Vinod Kumar Lecturer Computer Engg.
3  Sh. Yashvir Singh Lecturer Computer Engg.
4  Sh. Virender Singh Lecturer Computer Engg.
5  Sh. Vivek Dahiya Lecturer Computer Engg.
6  Smt. Reenu Lecturer Computer Engg.
7 Sh. Shakti Raj Programmer
8  Sh. Bishember Dayal Peon

Vision of Computer Engg. Deptt.

To improve the students with professional skills in Computer Engineering to meet the changing needs of Industry and Society.

Mission of Computer Engg. Deptt.

M1: To develop the core competencies of the students.
M2: To provide exposure to latest tools and techniques through Institute Industry Interaction.
M3: To develop professional through Value based Education.
M4: By developing skills of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing with Computer Software and Hardware.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Develop knowledge and skills in Hardware, Software and Network management to meet the need of Industry.
PEO2: Build Technical and Sift Skills to develop leadership qualities and Team Work.
PEO3: Extend Employability and Carrier Advancement.