The Electrical Engineering Department aims to provide quality education both in the theory and experiments so that the students of this department can stand apart in the technical scenario of the country. Because of the infancy of the institute, the necessary laboratory facilities are underway. The department plans to have well equipped laboratories where the students can imbibe adequate practical knowledge.

Electrica Engg. Study scheme 2018 Batch

  1. Lesson Plan Electrical Engg. 3rd Sem.
  2. Lesson Plan Electrical Engg. 4th Sem.
  3. Lesson Plan Electrical Engg. 5th Sem.
  4. Lesson Plan Electrical Engg. 6th Sem.

Download E-Content For Electrical Engineering

  1. EEEM__1__ppt
  2. UNIT_8-AC_Fundamentals__1_
  3. UNIT_7-Batteries (2)
  4. UNIT_6-Electromagnetic_Induction (2)
  5. EVS_ppt
  6. Electronics II
  7. plc
  8. ECEE-ppt
  9. BEEE
  10. Power_Generation_-PPT
  11. NCES_2_PPT
  12. solar system
  13. installation_of_solar_panel